The Road to Better Healthcare in the Upstate

Posted on Dec 22, 2015 in Speak Out

The Road to Better Healthcare in the Upstate

The effects of Obamacare are riddled throughout the healthcare system. The impact of government mandated insurance led to high deductibles and insurance costs that continue to skyrocket annually. Around 40% of Americans now skip medical treatment because they cannot afford the deductible.  As patients know, that’s not the only problem Obamacare added to their medical care. Ignoring their actual needs, the ACA focuses on mandating insurance–not care–and those that go without face annual fines with their taxes. 

Prior to the implementation of Obamacare in 2013, healthcare and health insurance undoubtedly needed innovation. Ideas to bring costs down and expand and improve care were in the works. When government added more bureaucracy to the scene, that car was derailed. Today providers are searching for ways to get back on course and overcome the added challenge. 

In the upstate, Greenville Hospital System is facing more government inference as they propose solutions to improve care for the population, this time from the state. A change in the governance structure of GHS would allow the hospital system to create private partnerships, help the smaller hospitals that are struggling under Obamacare, and work with local universities to keep talented professionals here in the upstate. This move will also foster competition in the area, meaning prices go down while quality of care goes up. 

All of that sounds like a no-brainer, and a cue for government to step in and muddy the waters. A handful of state legislators oppose the change, are vocally seeking control of your healthcare future. 

How bad can state involvement be? Travel any upstate road to find out. The road to better healthcare is not best traveled with a legislator in the backseat. To get there, hospitals need to be free to travel where they can meet the needs of patients, and not get stuck in government muck and potholes. 

Implementing this governance structure change at GHS–as approved by the Board of Trustees–is imperative to keep state government from adding more roadblocks between the patient and their care. 

CCHCA supports the governance change, and we believe it will mean better care for all of us. Not just from GHS, but from all of our area providers. Join us in saying no to government meddling, and allow GHS to work with our neighbors, our universities, and our local professionals to make care in the upstate world-class, right here at home. 

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Dan Tripp is the executive director of Citizens for Community Healthcare Advances. He is also the founder of Ground Game Strategies, Inc. Tripp served in the South Carolina State House from 1994 to 2006. You can email him at