Technology + Teamwork: Healthcare has a bright and cost-saving future

Posted on Dec 14, 2015 in Speak Out

Technology + Teamwork: Healthcare has a bright and cost-saving future

Many of us have ended a visit to our primary care physician with a referral to a specialist. That referral process can be time consuming and confusing: standing at a window while the office staff calls the specialist’s staff, faxes records, and finally gets an appointment time. Of course all of that is necessary, but it is a process not designed around the patient.

As healthcare costs continue to rise and Obamacare continues to grow, planning for the expense and the quality of that upcoming visit is critical – and difficult.

New technologies are on the way that will make the process easier, more informative, and patient focused. Networks from companies like Markit Medical would allow a patient to see in-network options for specialists, cost estimates, and appointment times, all before they leave their doctor’s office.

Processes like these will rely on strong local networks among medical professionals to focus on a common goal: improving service, reducing cost, and ensuring patient participation in decisions regarding their own care.

Want to read more? ChicagoInno has a list of tech that’s on it’s way to our hands here.

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