Tired Of Politicians with no Medical Expertise Interfering With Your Healthcare? So Are We!

The Affordable Care Act – also known as Obamacare – is a foolhardy attempt by politicians to control healthcare delivery, a topic that most of them know little or noting about. While there are certainly some supporters, it seems that most Americans are not at all fans of Obamacare, and we are among those who are not.

We are tired of local politicians criticizing and stalling innovative, proven ideas for improving healthcare delivery, with no expert knowledge and no viable plan. Instead of just taking it on the chin, we think it’s time to let these politicians know how we feel – fed up!

Our organization, Citizens for Community Healthcare Advances, was formed to educate our citizens on new and better ways to deliver efficient, affordable and improved healthcare in the Upstate. When necessary, we will stand up and push back when local politicians meddle in our local healthcare. We ask you to join us in our cause.

Former State Representative Dan Tripp is our Executive Director and will be leading our organizing efforts. If you would like more information about our organization or would like to have one of our leaders come speak to your group, please contact us. You can also email Dan Tripp at dtripp@healthcareadvances.org.