Washington Politicians Meddled With Healthcare and Gave Us Obamacare.

Do we really want politicians with no expertise in medicine meddling with our local healthcare?

Citizens for Community Healthcare Advances is a grass roots non-profit organization formed to communicate the challenges we face as the government gets more involved in healthcare, and to promote new and innovative ways to deliver health services within a community. With the advent of the Affordable Care Act – also known as Obamacare – community based health care is undergoing dramatic changes. And the changes are not always good for the community. The major change is moving away from a focus on treatment, and towards a focus on community health outcomes.

As health care providers seek new and innovative ways to improve the delivery of, and outcomes of, healthcare services, our concern is the influence politicians have in deciding what those options are. Day-by-day, our purpose as an organization is to build a community-based coalition that promotes new and better ways to deliver efficient, affordable and improved healthcare, and can push back when local politicians try to meddle in healthcare delivery systems in South Carolina.

Politicians in Washington meddled with healthcare and gave us Obamacare. Do you really want local politicians meddling with our healthcare options? If the answer is no, then please join and participate in our cause. It will give you a voice that otherwise would not be heard.

Dan Tripp


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